Friday, May 22, 2015

Bondi Sands

When it comes to tanned skin, I put people into 2 categories. The first category of people are the rule followers, meaning they apply their sunscreen and will continue to reapply as needed, making sure they are safe in the sun. The second category are those that tend to not care all that much. They might use a little SPF from time to time so that they aren't frowned upon, but they aren't really sweatin' it to much if you know what I mean. I tend to be the second category. Judge me if you wish!

Wherever you may land, I still feel that most people have a common goal in the summer months. We all want a beautiful glow! So whether that means you need to start from scratch or enhance the tan you already have, I have discovered a fabulous self tanning lotion called bondi sands. It doesn't leave the typical scent on your skin that most lotions like this do, and it applies smooth and even.

If you want before/after photo proof, you can check our their Instagram page here. Go check it out and get yourself some! You'll be happy you listened!

xo | dré 

top | H&M
pants | Forever 21 
heels | Vince Camuto
tanning lotion | bondi sands

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