Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day, May Day

Woke up late? Need a 5-min makeover? Or, like me, dashing from one appointment to the next? Whatever your story, let me share with you three products that have helped me get through the madness.

First, is Cover | FX matte setting powder. Since I use NARS tinted moisturizer, I chose the formula that's specific to setting the moisturizer. I follow this with my favorite makeup setting spray, "All-Nighter", by Urban Decay. Swoosh, swoosh of my favorite mascara (currently using Sephora's mascara), then a little "Supervixen" lip tint by NARS, and I'm out the door.

Later in the day, if I need to add a little umph, I'll just reapply my gloss. (And, of course, I blot any oil from my face!)

It's standard that I fill in my brows, too, but as far as "touch ups" go, the products listed above are my go-to.

What are some of your go-to tips when you have a may-day situation?

xo | din

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