Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Favs

I recently wrote a post called Kiss of Death, and as promised, I promptly ordered "No She Didn't" by Lime Crime. The moment my package arrived in the mail, I eagerly unwrapped the gloriously aquatic icy blue lip color and smeared it over my pout......UH-mazing!! It is definitely my favorite lipstick I own! I wore it to work the following weekend and it was a hit! Everyone I encountered, both co-workers and guests, loved it and wanted to know where I got it from.

So as not to leave anyone out, I had to model my new find for all of our followers! I'm also showcasing an ear cuff that I got a couple months ago, in the spirit of a recent post by din. It's the perfect accent to so many of my ensembles with the 3 feathers that dangle from it. For more ear cuff ideas click here.

Lipstick "No She Didn't"-
Feather ear cuff- Claire's


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