Saturday, June 29, 2013

[ Vibrancy ]

Welcome to the world of living powerfully. Through your closet that is! I introduce to you the new venture from Rebecca Recant: Wardrobe Vibrancy.
Rebecca Recant - Wardrobe Vibrancy
As a stylist, I know how important it is for a client to feel confident in what they put on. When we leave our homes each day, our schedules demand us to focus on the task at hand, not whether or not the seam in our skirt will last through lunch. [ Women of DC, can I get an amen!? ]

Becca is a stylist and a DC professional who is known for bringing her chic, feminine attire into the office. Through Wardrobe Vibrancy, Becca has taken her styling credits to the next level by not only offer styling tips, but showing clients how to relate powerfully to their wardrobe so that everyday they feel inspired, powerful, and beautiful when they head out the door.

"I want to support you in being who you are through the clothes you put on every day!"

There's no denying that sometimes we put our wardrobe woes to the back of our minds ("Too busy"..."No shopping funds"..."I hate the mall!"), and the reality is that our wardrobes are a part of our demeanor and occurring to ourselves and others. [ FLOTUS isn't in sweats for a reason, y'all! ] Becca knows her clients are up to big things in life, and Wardrobe Vibrancy is there to support that ambition.

Intrigued by Becca's concept, I decided to do an impromptu test on her:

"Becca, if you had 10 seconds to put an outfit together, what would you pick?"

Without hesitation, Becca put the outfit [ above ] together meanwhile explaining why she chose those pieces and what they meant for her. Now that's powerful.

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