Sunday, June 16, 2013

My First Crush

When I think of a man who has knocked fatherhood out of the park, I don't have to look far for the answer.

A man of God, he is courageous.
Both a leader and a friend, he is present.
A guiding hand and a soft heart, he is nourishing.
Selfless and humble, he is a protector.
Forever grateful to always be his "baby."

Although I wear this sweatshirt less for warmth and more for mixing up my fashion looks, it never ceases to remind me of how grateful I am for a father who has been selfless with not only me, but to countless others as he served for this country.

My father was my first crush. I remember one evening distinctly telling my mom that he was my boyfriend. She of course countered that "no, he's my boyfriend." We went back and forth for awhile, and eventually she won that conversation. Looking back, I don't blame my younger self-- my dad's a looker, y'all! He's a catch in general-- looks, book and street smarts, strong faith, exceptional steward (of everything!), grill king, and a DIYer.

He is the one who taught me how to ride a bike, and later how to drive (on a manual vehicle because "if you can drive a manual, you can drive anything."). He taught me how to shoot and dribble the basketball using both hands which gave me an edge as a point guard. He also is the one that chased me around with the spider I asked him to catch, but I still love him.

I love you, Dad, for being present in our lives and standing for your family when life strapped us on a roller-coaster ride we didn't ask to take a part of. For showing me what an exceptional man looks like day after day. I am extremely proud of you and continuously in awe and inspired by who you have been throughout your life regardless of circumstance.

Happy Father's Day. I am immensely grateful for...everything.

My very first date I ever went on was to see Peter Pan on the big screen. I was 5, and my date was my dad. My dad was always Mr. Fun, and when my mom wasn't around, we had party time! But of all the things I have to cherish that my dad gave to me, I have to share the top 8 qualities that have enabled me to be the best fashionista I can be.

1. I loved having my nails polished when I was little. Not only would my dad polish them for me, but he bought me my first bottle of purple nail polish ( which was so much more exciting than pink! ). The rest is history!

2. My dad ALWAYS smells good! And not just from cologne! He's not a sweaty man and I inherited that "no sweat" gene! It's always a bonus to smell fab when you look fab right?!

3. My dad has this amazing tan complexion! So with exception of the winter months, I get to have a healthy glow.

4. Happy is an understatement of my dad's personality. Like him, I tend to be pretty cheery, and laugh my way through life. They say a smile is your best accessory!

5. Women around the world would die for my dad's hair, and although I didn't get his exact mane, I have him to credit for the natural beach waves I got!

6. I got my long legs from my dad, and even though he's not a fan, they serve me well in my short skirts;)

7. My dad used to work in the shoe department at the Bon Marché back in the day, and he was always so proud of his taste in shoes! Ha! I guess that's where my shoe craze came from!

8. My dad is really creative! He is the king of DIY! From gardening to cooking to fixing a car, he's the guy for the job! I'm not much of a mechanic or a green thumb, BUT I LOVE art and it's what makes me function!

I love you, Dad! Happy Father's Day!

xoxo drédin

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  1. hey check that out your old Pop was rocking a mullet in the picture on the right LOL
    You will always be my little girl. I am blessed to be your Dad


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