Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Results Are In!

Exactly one week ago I decided to be a test subject for all of your convenience, to see if the new Vinylux polish by CND held up to its promises. Just as a refresher, in case you missed it, the polish claims to last 1 week without chipping.

I'm pleased to tell you that it's half true. I didn't bother photographing my left hand because it indeed is chip free! My right hand however  (which is my dominant hand ), does have a couple nicks. Below you can see the evidence.

My verdict: All in all it's a pretty amazing polish. If your nails tend to chip as easily as mine usually do, it definitely lasts longer than a day or two. For those whose nails don't chip much, my prediction is the polish would most definitely last one whole week for you....chip free!


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