Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

There is a brand new nail polish on the market by CND called Vinylux. Many of you may be familiar with Shellac, a gel polish that is made by the same company, which is only offered in salons. The Shellac manicure is supposed to last up to 4 weeks, but requires a UV light to set it. Vinylux claims to last for 1 week without the use of the UV light. There are specific nail colors the line has, which you are directed to apply 2 coats of, and then you finish it off with one coat of the Weekly Top Coat.

I'm extremely intrigued by this because I love having my nails polished, but between doing hair and doing dishes, my nails are usually chipping by day 2! So here I am testing it out for all of you and giving my honest feedback. In 1 week I will let everyone know if it lasted through the wears and tears of my daily lifestyle.

The colors I'm wearing are Lobster Roll and Lilac Longing.


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