Monday, June 10, 2013

[ The Connoisseur ]

It's very seldom that I take the edge out of my wardrobe when it comes to the office. So when I was at the ZOPHIA showroom, I was fortunate to come across the Connoisseur. This skirt packs power for any career woman wanting to be that sequin in a sea of suits.

What's more is that this skirt is a perfect accomplice to your happy hour or weekend out! Because I'm not a fan of the basic button down, I styled it two ways: a silk blouse in snake-skin print and a blue drape-neck blouse.

Today, ZOPHIA kicks off their spring PowerSkirt launch. All skirts (yes, there's more!) are custom-made in Washington, DC. [Hey, girl. Hey.] So, ladies of The District and DC Metro area, take your career wardrobe to another level and get your manicured paws on your own custom-made power-skirt.

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