Friday, June 14, 2013

Hair Rx

Curly hair, meet your match!

I have worked with curly hair of many different textures and shapes, and consequently have used a variety of curl products. Although there are several that I like for different reasons, I currently have a new love!

Intense Curl Cream by Moroccan Oil seems to have the perfect balance of everything a curl owner needs! The product has a thick, creamy texture, which gives the hair shine and control, and yet it's not so heavy that the hair looks greasy and weighed down. It's full of vitamins and the product line's signature argan oil to keep the hair hydrated.

Photographed below is my daughter with her beautiful curls! Anyone that knows her, knows how wild her hair can be (which I love! ), but with this product, her hair has fabulous definition and shine!

 Product is available for resale at Gene Juarez Salon and Spas.


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