Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Outtakes

There's always a space for an emoji! Read more.
Summer is a time to get out and explore, and the month of August was definitely full of that. As you've read, dré wasn't so much California Dreamin'...she was there soaking up the sun!

And, din moved from Georgetown in Washington, DC to a cute neighborhood in Arlington, VA. Taking a break from unpacking and organizing meant exploring the area. Besides, with new wheels...why not?!
Orange + fuchsia; two colors that compliment din's eyes. Read more.
We've said it before, and we'll keep saying it...we belong in California! Read more.

You know that wherever we went, we made a splash! Color, sparkle, and a couple fairytales for summer and fall kept us inspired this month.

That and Glitter Off polish and Oil Wonders products. Those alone are enough to get any fashionista out bed!

din's look to the "Once Upon A Time" fashion show
There are some "Last Chance" pieces that need to be stored after Labor Day, white isn't one of them. Read more.
din out and about in her new neighborhood!
dré's oldest turned 8! A #sweethuit it was-- read more.

We look forward to more adventures that encourage us to call and check in on our friends and family. We love adventure! Still, we know that no matter where we escape to (and how much fun we're having), there's no place that's quite like home.

din visits Baltimore, MD to cheer on the Seattle Mariners. Anyone see her on tv? Read more.

Thanks for reading this month!
xo | drédin

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