Thursday, August 21, 2014

30 Before 30

My Flirty 30 is coming up fast! And in the spirit of birthdays, I figured I would enlist your help creating my "to-do" list. So far I've only come up with ten...

1. Play lotto/scratch
2. Sing on a street corner
3. Day drinking (take a shot in the afternoon)
4. Audition for a reality show
6. Sell something I've made
7. Go to a big music festival
8. Clean out my email (eep!)
9. Finish the first chapter of my book
10. Submit a piece of writing to 3 publications. 

As you can see, I need 20 more!! That's where you come in, dear reader. Throw out your ideas in the comments below to help me build my list. Just make sure it's along the lines of "you're too old to do that," so it feels like I need to complete it in my 20s. (It's just a guideline. No promises about keeping my inbox in check..)

Really looking forward to reading your suggestions. My big day is December 8, so whatcha got?

xo | din

PxSx I'll share the updated list on Facebook and a future post. Check back to see if your suggestion made the list!

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