Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bikes on the Beach

Last fall, I went to visit din in DC. While I was there I rented a bike to ride around the city. I think it had been about 14 years since I had ridden a bike up to that point! I found it to be such a blast that when I came across a bike rental on the Venice Beach boardwalk, I had to take advantage! 

I got a trailer for my bike to tow my youngest along, while my mom and my older daughter rode tandum. It was so much fun! When we finished, we relaxed on the beach and my girls splashed in the ocean. 

I purchased the lip color I'm wearing in Hollywood, a couple days before we came here. I'm in love with the shade of it! Between that, my suit, shoes and bike, I'd say they're a pretty bright and beautiful color combo against the beach! Do you like it?

xo | dré 

suit | Old Navy
shoes | Keds
shades | from a vendor on Venice Beach
lipstick | MAC Candy Yum-Yum

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