Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cut My Hair Don't Care

7 years ago, I cut my hair crazy short. Since then, it's not only grown past my bra strap again, but it's also been dark brown, blonde, brown,  blonde, light brown, platinum blonde, blue, gray, dark brown, ombré, purple, blonde, blonder, pink, red violet, and FINALLY chocolate brown!! In that order! Content with my color (for the moment), but sick of the length of my hair, I yet again was in need of a change! 

Monday night I could not take it anymore, so I combed my hair around to the front and clippered it off. It was liberating! However, it did need to be doctored up and given a little TLC by my mama. She was teaching out of town, but the moment she got home, I was at her door step waiting to be saved! 

I'm all ready for spring and summer with my fresh cut, dress, and booties! I'm loving my new hair! What do you think? I think mama did good ;)

xo | dré 

dress | Mossimo 
booties | Shiekh 
bracelets | gift
polish | Essie Chills & Thrills 

haircut by Sharon Gause | Sharon's Hair Studio

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