Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cover Story - { May13 }
Harper's Bazaar - May 2013 - Summer Fashion Issue

Gwyneth is a muse. I wouldn't quite call her the 'It' girl, but every designer and red carpet commentator knows that when she's in a gown or carrying a bag, people are going to notice and a new trend will develop right before their eyes.

Take the Dior headpiece on the cover for example. The detail of the headpiece is exquisite. Her demure demeanor comes alive-- and so does the headpiece. She's a model. And the perfect muse.

Although this magazine is a summer fashion issue, dear Gwyneth didn't get to play too much. That is to say that she only had one photo in the entire article! Well, two if you count the cover photo. See them below:
[ headpiece ] Dior Haute Couture
[ styled in ] Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière

I wish I could say more about the article, but it really didn't move me or bring any insight on the American girl living in London that I, like most of you, didn't already know. Don't have the magazine? You can read the full article here. Let us know in the comments below what struck you most!

Fashion Editor | Julia von Boehm
Photography | Daniel Jackson
Article | Sarah Bailey
Courtesy |              
Newsstand Cover - Harper's Bazaar - May 2013

Happy reading!

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