Friday, May 3, 2013

Goin' To The Chapel And We're Gonna Get Married!!

Last weekend my friend Atraya got married, and I had the honor of doing her hair for her perfect day! I also styled three of her bridesmaid's hair, along with my two little beauties who were her flower girls.

Here is an inside look of Atraya's hair as we prepped her before her life-changing walk down the aisle. As you can see, she was absolutely breathtaking!

Leslie, one of Atraya's bridesmaids, is pictured below. Her hair is gorgeous and fun to work with! She wanted her style to be half-up, and although it looks soft and flowy, it held up through hours of dancing!

Jacque's hair, believe it or not, was a short bob! She didn't think her hair was long enough for an updo, but I had tricks up my sleeve to give the illusion that she had much more length than she actually did.

Finally, here are the flower girls! I curled Kiya's hair with an iron to smooth out her natural curl and pinned it all to one side. I'm so in love with Adrienna's 'fro, that I had her rock it and just braided the front of it like a headband.


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