Saturday, May 18, 2013

Party Don't Stop 'Til 6 In The Mornin'

No joke. You know how we do!

From Central Park to Hoboken, from SOHO to Times Square, we didn't just get around yesterday, we did it fashionably. Our day included a workout in the park (including burpees and high knees!), a stop at Carlo's Bakery, a trip to the NY famous Joe's Pizza (Leonardo DiCaprio approved) in SOHO, a cocktail hour at Broom Street Tavern, and finally a walk all over time square!! In case that doesn't sound time consuming enough, we should let you know we did not hit the hay until 6AM! I guess that's what fashion will do to you!

                                                   Central Park

My friend Niko from Gene Juarez met us for a drink and a slice of Junior's Cheesecake! And check out how din and I got mad photo bombed!

And finally Times Square!

Xoxo dré

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