Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rendezvous + NYC

Today's the day! Dré and I are on our way to rendezvous in NYC! 

This is our first "getaway" trip together and although we've only shared with you a couple times about it (here + here), we are ecstatic! In fact, we could barely contain ourselves as we said goodbye over the phone when Dré was boarding her flight-- from Gate8 I'll have you know! And, isn't it just perfect that she's coming in her 8 shirt for her first visit to the city?

As for me, I'm driving up on a coach for the 4hr trip. My shoes + wardrobe are safely-- I hope!-- stored underneath. I plan to catch some zzz's, do some work, and maybe catch a few more zzz's. Hey, I've been working weeks on end. A girl needs her beauty sleep (;

We snapped a couple pics before running out the door. Keep checking back as we update you on our fashionable adventure in America's fashion capital!

Blouse | h.i.p.
Sweater | h&m
Jeans | LOFT
Shades | LOFT
Jacket | JouJou
Shoes | MRKT

Top | Forever 21
Pants | Levi's
Booties | Sam Edelman 
Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses | Armani Exchange 
Lipstick | MAC's Morange

xo |  drédin

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