Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo Booth

Our NYC trip was a blur! From our 6am homecoming from Times Square, to shutting down Forever 21 and arriving back at the crib at 4am the following night/morning, it was difficult to remember what day we were on!

But alas, though we had indeed shut down Forever that night, we were only able to scavenge our way through 2 of the 4 floors.....this meant only one thing.....we had to go back the following evening to make doubly sure that no item that belonged in our grasp was left behind! And so begins our next saga.....

The next evening we walked through the doors of this colossal store yet again. Security guards lined the entrances and every floor, dressed in their dapper suits. And, though thousands of people were everywhere, somehow din and I must have made a lasting impression, for as we walked through the entrance, one of the guards that was manning the door the night before ( we will call this guard "Tall Man" ), sees us walk in and says, "Welcome back, ladies." din and I just busted up laughing because we were realizing how ridiculous we are.

No time to waste, we continued through the remaining 2 levels of the store loading up our shopping bags with everything that caught our fancy before proceeding to the fitting rooms to try on our finds. On our way to the rooms we spotted a photo booth and recalled that the last time we had a session was three years prior. We decided that it was a must.

As we made our final selections, we realized it was 1:45am! Shaking our heads in disbelief that once again we were about to get kicked out of the store, we remembered the photo booth and made a  mad dash so that we could capture this ridiculous moment.

Once inside the booth, we see it's $3, so I put one of my dollars in only to realize that between the two of us, we only had 2 $1 bills and $5s! So, din ran to go break a $5 bill while I held down the fort. As I was sitting there waiting for her, I held the curtain back so I could watch for her, and Tall Man came walking over toward me asking if everything was ok. I told him I was just waiting for my friend to break a $5 bill and she would be back any second. He smiled and let me know that the store was closing soon and to try to hurry, but let me know it was ok.

THEN another security guard comes over and starts to snarf at me, "What's going on here? The store is closing down. You need to get out of here." To which Tall Man intervenes and says, "Nah, nah, she's good...this is my future wife." At this moment din arrives with 5 $1s in her hand and jumps into the booth with me. We were sitting there cracking up because nothing had gone smoothly for us the entire day (or the entire trip for that matter!), and as we fed our money into the machine and the camera came on, we were dying because we had been in the rain all day and looked like a couple of hot messes. Then we heard noise outside the booth, looked down, and saw a pair of feet below the curtain. "Smile, ladies." It was all over. There was no recomposing ourselves. Our little giggles turned into snorts and cackles, and escalated every time we heard the computerized voice say, "three, two, one".

Stepping out of the booth to see the horror that was about to be printed, Tall Man is still hangin' out and comments about wanting a picture of us. The photos dropped out of the machine, and in a moment of sleep deprived judgement, din tears away one of the three strips, and hands it to Tall Man saying, "For your troubles." He tucked it in the inside pocket of his suit jacket and as we walked away he said, "Stay beautiful ladies!"

If laughter does the heart good like medicine, then I may never have to go to a doctor again!! Behold the photo booth photos!!


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