Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So SoHo

SoHo. Every fashionista has to visit SoHo if they're in NYC. The boutiques are plenty, as well as the street vendors, and it's such a hotspot for liveliness! Unfortunately our weather reporter(s) were wrong and we ended up in the rain the first part of the day-- brr!

First we stopped into Joe's Pizza for another slice of delicious. The gelato store next door was beckoning us, but we were too cold to consider it. Instead, we headed over to Georgetown Cupcakes. I'm pretty sure dré's mouth had been watering for a cupcake since the show aired on TLC. See how excited she is in the picture above? Tell me I'm wrong!

We then stopped into Stumptown Coffee. It's popular on the chill coast, but I didn't realize it was over here, too. Good stuff. And it allowed me to warm up after the rain settled.

In addition to indulging a sweet tooth, we also visited the ever popular DASH SoHo. It's very small and not as unique as we would have expected from the Kardashians.

Another boutique worth mentioning is Think Closet where dré got an awesome black leather wrap around belt. The sales associates were really sweet and I'm glad we stumbled upon it.

Matter of fact, there were some great sales associates in SoHo. They seemed to love what they do-- as a former sales associate myself, I know! One street vendor hand crafted a ring for me since dré got the last one. It's an infinity (pics to come!). Needless to say we're in love with them. Now, they're kinda like friendship rings-- remember those from back in the day?

After our shopping and taking in the sights in SoHo, we met up with some dear, dear friends of mine (and now fast friends of dré's because they share the same affinity for sugar!), Jesse and Cathy, in Little Italy for dinner.

As we were walking back to the car someone tried to get us to go to the "back closet" where all the "Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton" bags were-- non c'est bon!

Then, after dodging the illegals, wouldn't you know that we went back to Times Square for more shopping!? I'm sure you're not surprised. What may leave you surprised is that we shut down the 4 level Forever21-- at 2A!! It was a crazy, fun day that left us laughing AT ourselves. Although long, we did make it back to the apartment before 6A. (:        xo | din

[ dré wears ] Forever21 dress + leaf ring, L.E.I. sandals, Charlotte Russe earrings, Nordstrom ring, MAC Electric Eel eyeshadow, Essie Mint Candy Apple nail polish

[ din wears ] LOFT blouse, H&M shorts, bag (also seen here), sandals old, jacket from Loehmann's

Bucket List Check-off:
Georgetown Cupcakes

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