Wednesday, May 29, 2013

8 Wave Catchers

Day Three. Today is all about bringing out your inner feline. That you can look at me but you can't touch me effect, that make the menfolk's knees weak.

Is there a better way to be a feline than to wear one!? Check out this bikini, suit for a tigress, and accessories sure to make you purrrr!

Cat Eye Sunglasses by Tom Ford ~ $380
ByeBabe Panther Flat Thong Sandals by Boutique 9 ~ $139.99

And finally, leave it to Victoria's Secrect Very Sexy bikini collection, to turn heads! The multiple straps hug each curve sensually. The Lion may be the King of the Jungle, but you'll defiantly be ruling the beach! Cover up with these sexy crochet pants, and keep your peepers wrinkle-free with this fun sun hat.

*Want to look like you've been frolicking in the ocean without actually taking the plunge? Spray this Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray through your hair, and you'll be sure to have that beachy texture you desire!

Crochet Cover-Up Pants by Becca ~ $72
Women's Straw Bow Floppy Hat by Minicci ~ $9.99


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