Monday, July 1, 2013

Cover Story | July 2013

There were lots of covers this month, but there is only one Katy Perry.

Ever stop reading articles about your favorite celebs? I have. And I probably wouldn't have read this one had it not been for the fact that it's Katy Bird's first Vogue cover.

Most interviews have become so redundant. The same questions seem to show up as if, miraculously, the answer is going to change. And, if the artist has a $32 Million grossing docu-film, it should be clear that you're gonna need to put some thought into it. (This article is titled 'Beauty and The Beat'-- a little too close for comfort especially when your best friend is an avid belieber.)

[ I Heart Katy Perry ] Granted I'm not sure anyone would have topped my choice for this month's cover story. (I'm thinking, I'm thinking...) It would have to have been an extremely unique cover photo and an equally enticing article. Katy's just awesome. She's not ashamed of who she is or the perseverance she had to endure to get her where she is today. Nor does she begrudge her upbringing, although media tries to pin it as a chip on her shoulder. [ She's loves Jesus, folks. It's all good.]

Her drive to powerfully create a life she loves is inspirational. She continues to accomplish this despite of not in spite of her circumstances.

Katy Perry is a powerhouse. Her accolades span across the board. Including an Oscar nom for her Wide Awake music video, to boot. And more than just a furball of talent, she's as relatable as a best friend. At least that's what caught my attention some 3-years ago as she began to climb the ladder to the stars.

As every artist matures, so will Katy. And if history truly does repeat itself, then her next album will top the charts, too. Not because her multiplying fan-base is being manipulated by subliminal messages, but because she's worth it. Katy has more stories to tell. Stories that reminisce with listeners because they're all too familiar, yet aren't always so pretty. And that's OK, too. After all, she can't be the Candy Queen forever.

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Check out some of the gorgeous photos by Annie Leibovitz in this month's issue of Vogue below:
photo courtesy | Annie Leibovitz for Vogue Magazine
original article | Vicki Woods
fashion editor | Tonne Goodman

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