Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crazy Hair Don't Care

As you've seen, I've gone natural letting the wild coils fly free! I'm still trying to figure out what to do on a daily basis because it's never the same on a daily basis! And for the sake of sharing, I took a few [ gasp! ] selfies! Take a look....

The Cut
Sometimes, the best hair cuts happen at midnight. Don't be fooled by my tired expression! After dré lightened my hair, she blew it out before the cut.

The Twist

I wanted to have curly hair so I twisted it. Okay, I could get used to this...

The Curl Invasion
There's been a bit of moisture in the air and when water and curly hair meet-- Honey, I shrunk the...

The Undecided
Simply that. My coils started tightening up, but I still attempted to have definition.

The Invert
I softened my natural curl by using my blow dryer and fingers. Then, I did small twists and separated in morning.

So there you have it. My hair chronicles. I can only imagine what it'll do tomorrow! What's your hair up to? Do you have a #CrazyHairDontCare attitude like me?

xo | din


  1. You look gorgeous with the new do!!! Loving all the different curls! -Sy


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