Monday, October 28, 2013

Into the Wild

This past weekend I was completely off-line. I spend 2 days, 2 nights in WV on a much needed weekend getaway with some friends. It took us approx. 3-hours to get up there losing cell reception/wi-fi the second we crossed over the WV state border. Once we arrived, it was cool mountain air and a warm fireplace to set the tone.

Board games, card games, and lots of chatter started to fill the cabin. The radio station, WZAC-FM 92.5, was on.point. (Bravo, DJ, whoever you are!) Slowly full stomachs and tired eyes caused the excitement to wane, and soon it was just a friend and I working on puzzle. I called it quits at 3:10A. She at 4:30.  

The next morning, as promised, I didn't get out of bed until there was the smell of bacon. I came downstairs to coffee (with grounds sent from my cousin in L.A.-- thanks, Cuz, we loved it!), quiche, fruit; etc. More full stomachs ensued and outside we went. My friend whose client owns the home and I went into the wild in search of the figure 8 trail that would lead us to two ponds. Well, we never found the ponds, but we had a great nature hike!

I got really lucky with these photos and the few I'll share tomorrow as they are the only photos that were salvaged from my phone. Last night, after returning from WV and heading straight to my nieces 2 yr bday party, I attempted to sync my iPhone with my Mac. When I did this, it not only synced, but re-imaged it to my former iPhone. So bummed.

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