Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Roughin' It

The WV cabin I stayed at this past weekend had a lot of layers. Including this yoga studio (which could double as a dance hall for receptions) that looked out to the forest. The adjoining loft space was a hidden treasure, too. Not only was it a blissful way to sleep under the stars, it also gave access to a zip line! [ I didn't attempt more than a photo next to the end point. ]

Below are pictures of the view from the cabin, right outside of the yoga studio. We were blessed with great weather. It was chilly, but not enough to keep us indoors. Some hiked or took long walks, someone even went on a bike ride! None of us, fortunately, came across any bears. If we had, this might be a different post!

I love nature's beauty even though I'm not one to really go roughin' it out in the deserted woods somewhere. And, I love being able to detach and unwind sometimes. This place was great 'cus it gave me a little bit of both.

xo | din

knit cap | gift from my lil sis
faux fur vest | LOFT
scarf | LOFT
cuff | MetroParkUSA
dress | H&M
boots | Zigi soho

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