Monday, October 7, 2013

[ The Breakup Text ]

I've never been one to meddle in despair. 
Not being fulfilled at a University? Transfer. Depressed under seemingly perpetual gloom? Move. Friendships that don't add value to my purpose or walk? Done. Men who don't follow through on important measures? Bye.

I'm too adventurous and curious to remain in a relationship where enrichment is lacking. Even when the relationship is with myself. 

The past couple months have just been weird
If it was something that I could pinpoint, I'd tackle it head on. Instead I watched as this peculiar uncertainty crept into a few different aspects of my life. Call me impatient, but I didn't want to wait around and ride it out. So, like always, I decided it was time to take action.

And, I call it: "Breaking Up With Myself"

Okay. Be bold...
When I wrote about my 2 year DC anniversary, I included three through-the-years snapshots. I was shocked to see that (with the exception of bangs) my. hair. was. the. same. [ Gasp! ] I instantly became bored. And, since every serious breakup involves a new hairstyle, seven months later I remedied that boredom by letting my unruly curls fly free. 

Literally. I've attempted to rein it in! Alas, they do what they want. More on this to come...
[ fun fact: dré lightened my color while she was here! ] 

Go on, make an investment...
It's high time I pour into others' lives! So much rejuvenation occurs when I take the focus off of me and put it on others. Specifically those who aren't familiar to me. I hope to do this, in part, through the two interest groups I started at church. One involves coffee and the other football. So far, these opportunities of fellowship have been uplifting and an opportunity for me to do things that I enjoy. Perfect at any point in life, of course, and especially a breakup.

Now, be self-expressed...
"[M]aybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny."
Say what you will, but this quote from Coco Chanel really resonates with me. Being self-expressed through style choices allows confidence. "Destiny" can be anything: a man, a new friend, a potential interview. [ Why wait until you have a scheduled meeting with a stranger to put on that power suit?! ] Regardless of who or what destiny is, it feels good to be prepared! Looking forward, I've decided to shift this preparedness into another gear, and try a few bolder choices. Something's got to complement the hair right?

So, who needs a birthday or the celebration of a new year to finally make a change-- especially one that's sure to be spirit-lifting? Certainly not me. And if you've been feeling stuck, down, or nonsensical, too, I challenge you to start shaking things up today.

After all, breaking away from the downtrodden and confusion may be your access to joy, full self-expression, and a new adventure.

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