Monday, March 23, 2015

Mani Monday | Milkshakes + Manicures

Yup. So this is what I'm wearing in Dubai! Milkshake in hand, I went back to Oahn for another gel mani. It was about time, too, because I was so over seeing black nails! I decided to get gels again since I'll be traveling for 10 days and can't predict touch up opportunities.

Oahn was so patient with me. I went in with 3 semi-ideas and eventually came out with this modern design. (This one is based off another one of Bridget's recommendations. That girl's a keeper...) In order to show the lime/spring green, I had to apply filters to my photos. My poor iPhone and apartment lighting just wasn't enough!

What do you think of my more modern design?

xo | din

nails | GelColor by OPI
manicure | Oahn at Rex Day Spa

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