Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mani Monday | R.I.P.

It's officially March, the month of my birthday, and I haven't missed a moment of letting the celebration begin. The official day isn't until the 5th, but that hasn't stopped me from getting the party started!

On Friday, I had a splendid evening with one of my best friends over happy hour. Then on Saturday, my hubby took me to Seattle for the weekend to celebrate. Did I mention we were kid free??

My day started with pampering at the downtown Gene Juarez Salon, where I got a fabulous manicure done by Lauren. I chose black polish. Not only do I love black nails, but I also felt it appropriate since I'm going to be 30. It's like a funeral for my 20's.

After we went back to our hotel to get fancy, my babe took me out, where I was completely surprised by my closest Seattle friends all there to celebrate me! I had such an amazing time and I feel blown away from the love that was shown to me!

As I get ready to enter this new decade of life, I thought it would be fun to reflect on some fun facts from my youth.

|Fun Fact| When I was young, my mom would not allow me to wear any color of nail polish except pink. Look at me now! I'm living life on the edge with my black polish!

Stay tuned for more fun facts this week, and hold on to your britches for this weekend! 

xo | dré 

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