Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Desert Mirage

I couldn't imagine living life in a desert such as this. Still, the soft sand under my bare feet and warm sun kissing my face was a beautiful experience. Desert mirage? No. So blessed this is my real life.

Welcome to Dubai.

xo | din

din's Travel Notes
Be a knowledgeable tourist! If you research an activity online, don't settle for the first listed price. For example, my friend and I wanted to do a "desert safari" complete with dune bashing and camel rides. The first "deal" we saw was 199 AED. Another discounted to 150 AED. Fortunately my savvy friend is an excellent researcher and found us a deal that included all of its competitors' features for 99 AED! That's $26.95 USD for dune bashing, camel rides, snacks, dinner, entertainment, and henna.

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