Monday, April 27, 2015

The Souk

Before I went for a party in the dunes, I made a trip to the souk in Dubai. It was one of the items on my "Must Do In The UAE" list. It quickly became one of the experiences I greatly disliked! Walking through, I literally was on the beginning stages of an anxiety attack due to the vendors' persistence. What I mean is that if I so much as glanced at an item, the vendor would say, "You want this one?" Or, if I took a step, they would mirror it, then show me something and say, "You like this one? What color you like?"

I literally had to tell my friend that we had to leave. At least this was after I snagged these fun shoes and a few gifts!

xo | din

shirt | Topshop
shorts | LOFT
sandals | Steve Madden
crossbody | Mossimo
East Indian shoes | purchased from Najmat Deba Garments Trading (near Gold Souq)

din's Travel Notes
Shopping at the souk (or souq) is must-have experience when you're in the Middle East. Throughout these markets you will come across a lot of items unique to the area, several of which are handmade. Of course these are great keepsakes and gift options. As you walk through the market, keep in mind that vendors will promote their items to you. After all, they're there to make a living! You don't need to speak to all of them, but can at least show them a kindness by acknowledging them with a nod. And don't worry, not all souks are anxiety inducing! In fact, the experience I shared was unique to the souk in Dubai.

I didn't have the opportunity to shop at the souk in Abu Dhabi, but it wouldn't have been the experience I envisioned as it had recently been covered. (Think mall over open market.) My favorite souk experience––which completely redeemed Dubai's!––was the souk in Doha, Qatar. I'll share more about that in a coming post, as well as how to negotiate prices. Stay tuned!

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