Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dune Bash

We sent our location to Stik's sister for good measure!

Ladies and gentlemen, camel riding at its finest. Okay. So I had to share all of these photos because I find them to be HIGHlarious! Cannot stop cracking up every time I look at them. (You're laughing, too; I just know it.) Have you ever rode a camel before? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

Want another good laugh? Push play on the video below.

(This dune bashing video works best on a non-mobile desktop version of the blog.)

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the items that came with the desert safari package was FREE henna! I got the "mobile" (mo-bi-el). It's named this because it shows when you're on the phone. Hello, hello!

The lady was so talented. She completed each person's design in under 30 seconds. She even gave a little boy a scorpion tattoo! 7elwa?

Once we were all dolled up, we sat down for dinner in traditional Arab style seating and waited for the the entertainment to begin!

Belly dancing
Traditional Tanura dance
Tanura dancer's costume change mid spin
This beautiful Arab man was on fiyah!

Did it get hot or was there a fire thrower performing near our table? 

All of the entertainment in this desert safari package kept me energized. I laughed, ran barefoot in the sand, got painted, was well fed and entertained. Definitely worth the half-day experience, especially at the cost (99 AED)!

So as you can see, there was a huge bash out in the dunes of Dubai. Wanna go check it out yourself? Be sure to consider my travel tips below!

xo | din

top | Topshop
fleur d'lis necklace | H&M
ring | B.Side Jewelry
cuff | T. Omari Leatherworks (also seen here)
pleated skirt | Forever 21
sandals | Steve Madden
backpack | Perlina

din's Travel Notes
Your safari package will most likely include a camel ride. Be prepared that it will most likely be a short 3-5 minute ride max. If you inquire about riding a second time, the camel keeper (the man guiding them) will most likely tell you that you have to pay additional fee. Do not pay it. Most likely he's going to pocket it and, unless you're able to be generous, it's not worth it. The pictures above are from our second ride (we asked fellow tourists to take our pictures versus paying for the not-so-great pictures the company folks were taking). Although we were told we could ride twice, the camel keeper wanted us to pay. After we got down from the camels, we collected our phone and walked to our seats for dinner. He didn't come looking for us. One final thought, animal rights are but a dream. Be forewarned as you'll see these camels working hard for long periods of time.

*The videos in this post play best on a computer desktop version of our blog.

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