Thursday, September 12, 2013

[ Inner ] Gypsy

I'm a bit of a free spirit. I love adventures and making decisions on a whim! In the past 10 years I have moved 15 times! So between my soul wandering around, not feeling like I have a "home", and my hodgepodge of ethnic backgrounds, I've always felt like a gypsy. One of my best friends used to call me "Gyps".

     Take note of my Halloween costume last year!

Although I'm not rocking a turban, and peering into a crystal ball, something about gold hoop earrings, always makes me feel like I'm bringing out my inner gypsy! I threw on some gold bracelets, rings, and heels, to polish off my look. What do you think?

Top | BCX
Pants | Levi's
Heels | Jessica Simpson 
Earrings and bracelets | gift

XOXO dré

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