Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 3 Motivation

In regards to our 30 Day Challenge, there's two things I know:

- It's not going to be easy.
- It's so worth it.

I'm already struggling with the water part (ermagherd I'm drowning!), the getting to bed by 11 (dern you, Pinterest!), but this tightness in my abs and legs feels pretty good! It takes hard work, discipline, and integrity to complete this challenge. Good thing is, I'm not punishing myself for struggling. If I feel like I'm going to fall short, I acknowledge it, and recommit myself. As we said before, it's building good habits that will affect positive change beyond these 30 days to a lifetime.

In the meantime, a little motivation never hurt...

For more inspiration, follow my Pinterest board, Temple Inspiration. I'm constantly updating it with inspirational photos, quotes, and workouts! 

xo | din

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