Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I'm obsessed with changing my look! You only get one life to live, so why not make it an exciting and thrilling one?! I personally can't understand why a girl would never want more than a "trim", or never change her color. That is the opposite of me!

At the start of the year I had a purple ombré. It was definitely a fun look, but as usual, I became bored, and decided I needed to be blonde. Well, my blonde had run its course, and I was ready to deepen my color once again. I took a brief pit stop at pink because of my charitable spirit, but I had my heart set on one particular shade. Red violet. It is the only color I have not tried ( besides, green or yellow...but let's not get crazy! ).

I'm absolutely loving this new hue on me! I feel like a new woman. More daring. More passionate.

Top | H&M 
Vest | Forever 21
Leggings | Zara
Boots | Bronx
Snake ring | Mudd

Hair color by Sharon Gause, Sharon's Hair Studio
Photos by Kiya

XOXO dré 

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