Friday, November 29, 2013

Fabulous Fashionistas

(l-r): Sue, Daphne, Baroness Trumpington, Jean, Gillian, Bridget

Recently dré and I watched a documentary online about fashion, style, and loving life. Only it wasn't headlined by the per usj supermodel, or rail thin beauty who had captivating bone structure. Instead, it featured the six stylish women above. Each with their own style. No botox. No surgery. Just the love of life and the freedom to express it.

 "I love life...I love everything about it." 
- Jillian

As hair and wardrobe stylists, dré and I are always taking in life for inspiration. It's the art in life that brings out our wardrobe creativity. Sue, far left, laughed when she said she didn't want to be over the top. That's because she is, in fact, over the top when it comes to her style. She doesn't leave the house without having her artwork draped around her like a coat of armour. We can relate to that, too. Have you seen our shoes?! The higher the heel, the closer to heaven!

"I don't give a damn what people think of me or the way I dress. I dress for myself because I love style and design and color."
- Bridget

"I put it on for me.
- Jean on wearing her favorite pieces multiple times per week.

Just like these fab 6, our styles are not identical. Where dré may choose to go bold with an edge, I may choose to go more 30s whimsical. Or, where I might don the black moto leather trend, dré may flaunt a tutu. Regardless, the ability to be expressive through style is a necessary form of communication.

"Style as one gets older is more noticeable."
- Bridget

The median age of these women is 80. They look fabulous, they live fabulous, and we totally relate to them! (Gillian loves mini skirts, too!) I've got a bday coming up, and dré's will fall shortly behind mine. Although we know we've still got youth on our side, it's more apparent than ever that style is what lasts forever. So, like them, we, too, want to be able to prolong the opportunity to maintain such expression. As you know, we're underway on a 30 Day Challenge; and in addition to that we love to laugh with friends, dance, and be adventurous.

"The minute you give an inch, life or stillness will take a mile."
- Gillian

The question remains: Is fashion, style, and the quest to look one's best a concept of vanity?

"I love dressing up anyway so it wouldn't matter if nobody said anything."
- Bridget

I can't say either way as I am sure it varies from person to person. What I do know is we love fashion and we love pushing our creativity to the next level. Take Daphne for instance. She is the go-to model in England for her age (or anyone above the age of 50, let's say). From this documentary, I do not believe anyone would mistake her as vain! She's a humble woman who just so happens to love good style.

Seeing all of these commonalities between these women and ourselves, we can only grow more confident that our individual style and love for fashion will never fade. We've got street style, as Jean references, and that'll carry on to the end of our earthly days. Lady T was correct when she said that "the moment you start letting everything, sort of, go is the moment when you're old." We'll have none of that, thank you!

xoxo | drédin

There's several inspiring messages that we can take away from this, and if you want to live long enough to experience them all, then take it from Sue: Don't wear beige, it might kill you.

Jean on life and loss: "If you don't make the move to go on, you'll only remember the sad parts, and I don't think you progress."
Baroness Trumpington on when to use your fabulous (over the top) new purchase: "Everyday!"
Gillian on retirement: "It's all about having a purpose and that's why I think to retire is dangerous."

photo | the guardian/channel 4
ages | (l-r) 73, 85, 91, 75, 87, 75
director | Sue Bourne 

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