Monday, November 11, 2013

[ Health & Fitness ] 30 Day Challenge

We think that getting ready for the day should always be fun. Mostly, we find this to be true when we've said no to that extra bowl scoop of ice cream, and especially so when we forgo devouring dré's slap-yo-mama cookies!

Now, however, as we're thinking about the upcoming soirée season, and what to wear for our events, we've decided it was time to make a pact! Behold, our 30 Day Challenge! Here, we'll share with you what we're doing, and hopefully it'll inspire you to do the same. After all, it's about building good habits. Here we go! Get ready...Get set...Get fit!

Drink More Water!
Drink at LEAST half your body weight in ounces. For us, we're aiming for a gallon per day!

[ Tips ]
*Fill an empty gallon jug daily. Be sure you've drank all the water before your head hits the pillow!

*To encourage drinking, add lemon! It'll not only offset the taste of this bland substance, but it will help to give you that glowing skin you've been yearning for.

*Don't do it alone-- we're not! Grab an accountability partner. Everyone will benefit from this even if they're not taking part in the fitness challenge. Motivate each other by sending a text on your progress.

**din personally drinks through a straw, otherwise she wouldn't consume but a glass! It also encourages calm and stress-relief. However, there's a possibility it promotes bloating. Weigh your options, it's up to you!

Eat Clean!
Say goodbye to fast food! Put down that cake! You can't pronounce the words on that label, so don't eat it! Load up on fruits, veggies, nuts, unprocessed meats, and limit your dairy intake.

[ Tips ]
*Mix it up! din eats salad daily and shares a quick and easy salad that'll leave you full, but not heavy.

Mix the following: (quantity depends on person, or size of personal salad bowl)
Mixed greens
Sweet corn (din prefers Hanover's frozen sweet corn, de-thawed over low-medium heat, strained)
1/2 of an orange bell pepper, chopped
1/2 of a Fuji apple, chopped
Mixed nuts and dried fruit (din uses Salad Fixins' from Whole Foods. It has pepitas, raw sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, and sesame sticks)
Virgin olive oil & apple cider vinegar (blend to taste for a light dressing)

Optional: Instead of chopped apple, add a can of tuna and sprinkle black pepper or a dash of Mrs. Dash's Original Seasoning.

**We'll post more healthy recipes during our 30 Day Challenge, so be sure to check back!

Do something! ANYTHING! We recommend at the very least 30 minutes of exercise. It's your body and it's worth it! Still, if that is a major jump for you, start small. Do 10-20 push-ups when you wake up, or before you go to bed. Once that becomes second nature, you can elevate your routine by adding lunges, squats, or burpees.

Ready for a challenge, try the at-home fitness routine below:

Just remember, the key is to start somewhere!

Clear Skin is In!

With our different wardrobe looks comes make-up inspiration. So, whether it's a smokey eye, red lips, or a fresh face, we want clear skin! There's natural ways to achieve this (we share them below), and it may just be the remedy you were looking for. If not, don't be afraid to go see a dermatologist. There are different types of skin ailments, and a dermatologist, more so than a general physician, can help decipher and get you on a plan that will work for you.

[ Tips ]
*Hands off! Seriously, your hands are greasy and have been touching everything under the sun. Keep that grime away from your poor pores!

*Apple cider vinegar to the rescue! This is a fix it for everything! As a toner, mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar to water and apply to clean skin with cotton ball. As a toxin flush, mix 1 tbs apple cider vinegar to 8 oz of water and drink. Do this 1 to 2 times per day. We use Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.
*Balance pH levels with baking soda. Mix 1 tbs of baking soda to every 8 oz of water, and drink twice a week. (Just be sure you don't exceed 3 glasses in a week or you could over alkalize your system!) You'll see results in clearer skin (acne). You can also use this to create a paste and apply to your face as a mask. Just reduce the water to a few drops. The same mixture can be used as an exfoliant. Be sure to use a natural variety from your health food section at the store, rather than Arm & Hammer which has been processed.

*Coconut oil! Eating a few tablespoons of organic extra virgin coconut oil a day will help your metabolism. You can also use it in place of a nightly moisturizer. It contains anti-bacterial properties to help kill acne, and because it's so moisturizing it improves the texture of your skin. Also, it's been shown to fade brown spots and regulate oily skin (yes, even though it's an oil itself). Prior to using it, dré had oily skin, and now has no problem with excess oil.

Think Positive!
Our minds can literally destroy us! Strive to stay positive, and reinforce difficult situations with encouraging words and self-promotion. The road to fitness is not an easy one, but you have the tools to achieve your goals!

"When you realize the power of your words, you'll watch your mouth." 
- a wise person

Need some help in this area? Send us an email, or a message on Facebook, and let us know what's up! We will give you advice and help you stay on track.

Slumber Party!
We go to bed way too late it's ridiculous! Night owls, unite! We're flipping the script and getting to bed no later than 11P. That means getting our chores done in a timely fashion, not watching just. one. more. episode of Scandal, and flat getting off of the phone! Sleep is what keeps the body functioning, de-stressed, skin rejuvenated, and metabolism working, so at least 8 hours is a must!

Truth be told, we're nervous! 
We love sweets and treats, and consume them like Armageddon's on the horizon!  
Take the 30 Day Challenge with us and we can support each other.
Are you in? Take a snap shot of yourself today, so you can see how far you've come in 30 days.

See ya 'round, gorgeous!

xoxo drédin

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