Monday, November 18, 2013


Have you ever set a goal only to watch it foil right before your eyes?

If you're human, it's inevitable. Take for instance my experience yesterday with Sunday football. While I watched the Saints and the Seahawks win, in front of me sat a huge plate of nachos... alas, my Sunday effort toward the 30 Day Challenge foiled! [ And I'm not going to mention the funfetti cookies dré made... ]

My nachos may have slowed me down, but they're not going to keep me down! I've still got my eyes on the prize! Sometimes, all it takes is a little glitter to re-focus...

I chose a silver-foil color that's loaded with glittery goodness to uplift my spirits. And, if you're feeling that the work towards your own goal is frustrating or difficult, you should try it, too! Just grab your fav glitter polish and hit the reset button. Besides, it's Monday, and everything starts over on Monday! (;

nail polish | How's It Snowin'? by OPI

xo | din

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