Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[ A New Bag ]


A couple weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned that she was going to Paris. Per usual, when folks prepare to walk where Coco walked, they're a little daunted by being under dressed. Truthfully-- and I've shared this with friends, clients, and now you!-- all you need is a great bag and great pair of shoes! While helping her find that great bag, I came across this Steve Madden 'Soho' tote, and have been thinking about it ever since!

Investing in a new bag can be cause for a lot of thought, though. When I was poking around, I also came across this awesome bowler bag that would go great on the days I decide to be more polished in my wardrobe. I'm such a trend chameleon! 


How classy is this bowler bag from ASOS ?!

Finally, I've been kind of leaning towards a green bag. It's probably because it's the theme color I'm surrounded by 5 days a week, but nonetheless it's on my mind right now.


Oh, what to choose... what to choose... Which bag do you think I should choose? Let me know your pick in the comments below, or tweet me at sphereofdin.

xo | din

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