Friday, July 19, 2013

She's Got The Touch

This goes out to all my fake blondes out there. Yeah, you know who you are! Golden Rapunzel hair that sparkles in the sun as it glides over your bronzed summer all seems like bliss until it happens! And it is that pesky dark grow out!

That was me until a couple days ago. And now, get ready for how nice I am! I'm going to share my secret weapon! Dylan at the downtown Gene Juarez Salon is my girl! Quiet as she may seem, this girl is packed with talent and part of the Gene Juarez Artistic Team. Quite frankly, I think she's taking over Seattle, as it's near impossible to get an appointment with her unless you book seriously in advance!

So there you go! If you weren't in the know, now you know! Book with her to have your summer locks freshened before its too late! Call 206-326-600 and book for a balayage. There, see how nice I am? Below is the evidence of my freshly blonded hair!

Romper | PINK by Victoria's Secret
Heels | Forever 21


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