Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Today in DC, the sun's out and it's super warm. GW and Georgetown students are coming in sight by the handful. There's no denying that a new season is upon us.

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But is it possible to hold onto summer just a liiitle bit longer? Code keepers know that drédin has an affinity for the possibility of an infinite summer. Where we can frolic like children and twirl in dresses that make us feel alive. One might even say it's a feeling of enchantment.

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So, surely we don't have to say goodbye to soirées in the park and hours poolside!

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Surely there's a way to keep our bright and bold colors present in an impending wardrobe of cashmere and wool.

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Alas, the month of our Frien-iversary has come to an end. Truth be told, there is a lot to look forward to come fall. This is the first year I'm actually looking forward to the layering trend and boot shopping.

And whipping out transitional pieces like my red cuff from Lilac Bijoux (above) and painting my nails orange. Perhaps even a little Hair Rx: blonde edition to keep the feeling of walkin' on sunshine...

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Hmm.. come to think of it. We've got a pretty good transition in our future! dré's got a few more fashion shows (stay tuned!), we're styling, and (yay!) another reunion! Let's be honest, nothing beats summer. Still, the kick-off to fall isn't lookin' too shabby.

Thanks for reading!

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