Wednesday, August 28, 2013


There is a fairly new boutique that opened recently, right around the corner from the salon I work at in Seattle, called Etiquette. Between my morbid curiosity and the enticing window displays, I had no choice but to check out the scene. 

The store is definitely full of good finds for extremely affordable prices, though there are a good share of items that seem cheap as well. Among the treasures the store did have to offer, I stumbled upon this infinity necklace and earring ( pictured above in the cartilage of my ear ), which of course is the most glorious number ever, sideways! You best believe I snatched that up! Unfortunately for din, it was the last one, or I'd have snagged her one as well! What do you think of my new ice? 

Infinity necklace and earring | Etiquette 

XOXO dré

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