Thursday, August 8, 2013

¡Happy Frien-iversary!

It's August 8th!!! All our code keepers know that 8 is drédin's favorite number, so on 8/8 we have to celebrate! 8 is so fashionable! Think about it. It's sexy curves, perfect symmetry, and it just seems to pop up in all our favorite areas of life!

din and I have been friends since we were in kindergarten! That's a long time, people! So to celebrate our friendship year after year, we decided we needed to have a Frien-iversary. And it only made sense to to put it on this blessed day!

We hope 8/8 treats you right today! Below we share some of our favorite 8 fashion!

8 shirts | Forever 21
8 rings | custom made by street vendor in SoHo, NYC
Tattoos | that's a CODE

XOXO drédin

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