Monday, August 19, 2013

Outside The [ Box ]

When it comes to art, I love a challenge. Trying something I don't normally do, to push myself in new ways, seeing what I'm capable of. So when I was asked to help this young lady, who is just starting her senior year, to change her look, I was up for the challenge!

Some may not know this, but the salon I work at is a specialty salon. This means that everyone specializes in one particular thing. Mine is design, which is only cutting and styling. I do not touch hair color. I was however, raised by a mother, who is a color champ, so I do have an eye for it! 

Although I'm not as confident in this area of hair, I decided go outside the box of my comfort zone, and  get her as blonde as she requested! She was happy with the results, and I was too! What do you think of her new look?

XOXO dré

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