Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[ drédin + keaton row ]

Hello from your new stylists!

Many of our friends have turned to us for style inspiration and personal styling tips. Now you, too, can personally be styled by drédin! We have joined the online styling team of Keaton Row which is a 100% online styling site. That means, wherever you are, you can be styled by us!

Check out our profiles below, then visit our personal stylist pages. We'll put together a lookbook that's tailored to you so that you can take the fashion code wherever you go!

Check out my profile on Keaton Row, here.

Andrea Malczewski:

Model, Blogger, & Designer Extraordinaire!

My Style: Edgy, Girly, Loud, Fun, & Ballerina (tutu!) inspired.

Danielle DuCré:

Stylist, Blogger, & Event Coordinator Extraordinaire!

My Style: Manhattan Chic -- Chameleon Between the Edge and the Light.
Check out my profile on Keaton Row, here.

The world is your runway. You've got the code, now walk.
xoxo drédin

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