Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cover Story | August 2013

Harper's Bazaar | August 2013 | Candice Swanepoel | Cover Story

Candice Swanepoel may be a South African beauty, but she really brought out the American Splendor in this month's issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine. Although Bazaar focused on nature's beauty for Fall, I find it so relevant to Summer!

Every Summer, American and foreign tourists travel our states to behold exotic locations, Thor's Hammer, Lurray Caverns, or Route 66. And, of course unique favorites, Native American cultural centers including the Yakama Nation Museum which I was so fond of growing up.

Candice Swanepoel for Harper's Bazaar, August 2013
[ Candice deCODEd 1st photo] 
vest | Missoni
belt | Nina Ricci
bracelets | Lynn Ban

[ Candice deCODEd 2nd photo ]
dress & belt | Prada
ring & bracelet | Lynn Ban
bag | Nina Ricci
boots | Bottega Veneta

Newsstand cover

Get outthere and  enjoy the rest of your summer discovering the beauty America has to offer!

Happy reading!

xo | din

fashion editor | Andrew Richardson
magazine photography | Terry Richardson
scan courtesy | Fashion Gone Rogue
photos of din | Reflection Photography

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